“Be the change you want to see in the world”

We know that our way of consuming must change. It is the duty of each of us to take into consideration the impact of our consumption on the environment but also on the human resources involved (or not!) Throughout the process of designing a product or service! Today’s entrepreneur must take responsibility and catalyze change. In any case, this is the vision we have of our role!

Promoting Green Cosmetics & Going Zero Waste

Everything begins with oneself, your vision and the way you run your venture:

this is our adage!

Thus, our ethical commitments begin with the way we thought the Zen Garden concept: natural products, reusable and minimalist packaging, bulk, zero waste items, … throughout our purchasing process, in the selection of our logistic organization: we try at best to adopt an ecological approach.

Let’s be plastic free!

In our cosmetic containers corner, we have chosen to go plastic free and sell glass containers for your homemade cosmetics. Those containers will last longer, will protect your homemade cosmetics better and guess what? They will help to reduce the consumption of plastics bottles and pot in the world!

But beyond our products, we have also decided to act on the ground!

Zen Garden in Madagascar

The goal of this beautiful adventure “Zen Garden” is also to have the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development and development of local populations in need.

The cosmetic candles are landing in Madagascar!

Our cosmetic candle workshop in Madagascar is now open.
We use local vegetable oils and essential oils, most of which are produced by small producers.

Our points of sale and our range in Madagascar will be communicated online soon! Stay tuned!

Yes to range of local vegetable oils in Madagascar!

Our long-term ambition is to expand the range of vegetable oils in Madagascar and popularize their use rather than products from China and Thailand. Responsible consumption starts with more local consumption, and Madagascar has not only endemic resources rich in virtues but also land where plants can be grown in order to produce quality organic oils. We will talk about this project soon!

Commitments on the ground too!


We also carry out charitable projects to help the local population improve their living conditions. Our projects are more about sustainable development. We prioritize actions that have an impact on duration. Our main project in preparation is Mandraka’s Children’s House, which I tell you about on the blog!

Our previous operation

Our first action in the field was the operation “Coloriage pour tous”. The concept: collect second-hand colored pencils in France and England and distribute them in Madagascar. We had the great joy of being able to distribute these pencils with coloring books specially designed for local children, with animals, plants and landscapes that speaks to them!


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