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to reduce your environmental impact!

Discover our collection of washable cleansing wipes and bulk pouches to accompany you during your bulk shopping.

Also browse our small collection of containers: reusable at will, for your cosmetic recipes, your bulk shopping and your travels!

Our Zero Waste Solid Shampoos

Our Zero Waste Solid Conditioners

Our Solid Conditioners are

Suitable for Vegan

Made with 100% natural ingredients or ingredients derivated from natural raw material

Very rich in raw, pure and organic oil

Our cosmetic accessories (wipes, bowls,…)

Skin cleansing with oil

Choose a gentle cleansing  kind with our lovely planet with our cleansing wipes and oil!
Cleansing oil of the month
Apricot Oil

Looking for something to help you get a natural glow this summer? Apricot oil it it! This oil is invigorating and revitalizing and gives you a beautiful glow on the face.

From 0,27€/10ml (-25%)

Huile d'Abricot au vrac

Our reusable glass containers for homemade cosmetics

We are plastic free!

We’ve selected for you glass bottles, glass jars and aluminum containers so you can reuse them many times for your homemade cosmetics.

Our glass containers for homemade cosmetics will protect your homemade cosmetics, oils and butters much better than plastics. And they are much better for the environment. So why commit for something else?

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Financement of our ethical projets

For each order on the website, we commit ourselves to save 1€ to finance our ethical projects in the village of Mandraka.