Vegan Moisturising Melts: 12 x cosmetic melts + 1 burner


Looking for a warm massage oil or a vegan moisturiser to nourish and moisturise your skin every day? Adopt our custom-made melts. With this module you will be able to select the butters, oils, essential oils and the fragrances of your choice. Create the cosmetic melts that suit your body needs.

Thanks to our melts you can enjoy the properties or vegetal oils as well as essential oils.

Your box will also contain a suitable burner and its reusable floral box.

Our care is also suitable for pregnant women. : Select the option Without Essential Oils and Fragrance Free.


Vegan moisturizing melt. 100% natural. Hand Made in the UK (Leicester)

The properties and indications mentioned on our site are based on a traditional use of essential oil, recognized by experts in aromatherapy.

How to use your vegan cosmetic melt:

First of all, some safety rules:

  • Light the candle of your burner on a horizontal surface and leave 7cm between your burner and other candles.
  • Keep the candle out of the reach of children and pets, on and off.
  • Never light your burner near flammable objects or sources of heat.
  • Be sure to keep the liquid wax free of debris.

Once all this in place:

  • Let your fondant melt gently, It turns into hyper-nourishing and moisturising oil.
  • Check the oil temperature.
  • Apply on the body daily or during a massage.

Made in England

Additional information

Mono unsaturated fatty acids

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Saturated fatty acids

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Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

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Essential Oil / Fragrance

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