Pure Mango Butter – refined


This mango butter is perfect for your homemade cosmetics, from soap to cream, hair care and lip balm. Its texture is similar to shea butter: indeed it is slightly granular.

100% natural, 100% vegan

Discover all the butter mango properties in the detailed description

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Mango butter (refined): cosmetic grade

This product is a cosmetic grade product, which means that is has been tested and is certified as safe for skin.

INCI: Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter 

How to use your mango butter:

You can use it alone or in your homemade cosmetics recipes.

Do not heat above 75°C.

Mango butter properties:

For your skin :

  • Rich in fatty acids, it maintains skin hydration and is softening.
  • Rich in antioxidants, it is very effective against free radicals and preserves skin aging by stimulating the production of collagen (++ if you are looking for an anti-wrinkle ingredient).
  • Protects the skin against the aggressions of the sun.

Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin, sensitive, prone to wrinkles or regularly exposed to the sun. Also recommended for skin prone to relaxation.

For your hair :

  • Rich in iso-stearic acid, it nourishes and softens the hair fiber.
  • Thanks to its nutritive and soothing properties, it strengthens the hair and prevents the formation of forks.
  • It brings shine and restores hydration and radiance to dull and dry hair.

Ideal for dry or damaged hair.

Conservation tips:

Upon receipt of your mango butter (in bulk) please transfer it to your sterilized pot.

Close the pot well after use and keep it in a dry area, away from light, at a constant temperature between 15-20 ° C.

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