Bulk Boutique

How does it work?

1. I select my products

Browse among our butters, oils, waxes, melts,..


2. I select the quantity I need

Our products are sold per unit or per 5g so you can specify just the quantity as per your needs.

3. I choose the packaging

Brown paper pouches, plastic and glass jars: simple packagings with no fuss but they will perfectly protect your orders.

Our carrier oils in bulk

Our oils are all cold extracted and do not undergo any intense warming during their manufacturing process to ensure a high quality product with very concentrated active properties.

Our butters in bulk

Butters have similar properties to carrier oils. Their main asset: their texture makes it possible to add consistency to the cosmetic care they provide.

Our waxes, powders and salts in bulk

Powders, waxes and salts are also have amazing properties: exfoliating, rich in minerales, moisturising,….

Our glass containers for your homemade cosmetics

We are plastic free!

We’ve selected for you glass bottles, glass jars and aluminum containers so you can reuse them many times for your homemade cosmetics.

Glass containers will protect your homemade cosmetics, oils and butters much better than plastics. And they are much better for the environment. So why commit for something else?

Why adopting bulk-buying?

Home made cosmetics are awesome for many reasons. One of those reasons is that you are in control of the composition of your cosmetics. You know what you put in them and you know there is no nasty.

But to make the perfect product tailored to your skin, hair and body, you will very often try recipes and adjust them until they fit your needs and expectations.

It can become very pricey if you buy lots of ingredients and end up with some you actually you don’t need or like. Sometimes you just need a little quantity of a given ingredient but you are forced to buy full jar. By choosing bulk shopping, you define the quantity you need: and what’s great is that you reduce waste and you also save pennies. So why settle for less?


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