Are Zen Garden Shampoo Curly Girl Method approved?

If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for a good shampoo compatible with the Curly Girl Method. We have received many emails, messages on our Zen Garden facebook page, as well as our Instagram accounts asking this same exact question: is our range of solid shampoo compatible with this method? So I decided to write this post to provide you with all the answers you are looking for.


The post will be very detailed for those of you that are looking for a detailed explanation and the reason why our products are compatible with the Curly Girl method.

If you are looking for a fast answer then: yes our solid conditioners and solid shampoos are curly girl hair approved. There are multiple bots where you can check if a product is compatible with this method, based on the list of cosmetic ingredients. We have scanned all our shampoos and conditioners on Curlsbot  and as per the bot, they are all Curly Girl Hair approved.

Now let’s try and understand this more in detail

Just as a quick reminder of this method:

If you used to have natural curls like those two beautiful persons, the Curly Girl Hair method is for you. 🙂 In fact, the Curly Girl Method’s purpose is to regain and then maintain the beautiful curl pattern of curly (wavy, curly or coily) hair by avoiding the use of chemical / nasty cosmetics and avoid the use of harsh heat styling techniques (like hair straightener). It has become very popular for two reasons:

  • It has proven via multiple reviews and testimonies that it is a super efficient way to get perfectly defined curls.
  • People with strait but damaged hair also use this method to help them get healthier hair.

I do love this method because it promotes the usage of natural or at least clean hair cosmetics. So how does it work exactly?

This method primarily advises to only use conditioner. However, depending on your type of hair, it can be difficult to avoid shampoo. In this specific case, they do recommend to use natural shampoo that is silicone free and sulfate free.

Eliminating shampoo with sulfate is key because sulfates are very harsh detergents that can make your curls dry and frizzy. Eliminating the silicone is also important because even though it can provide shine, applying silicones to your hair will lead to unnecessary buildup that will damage your hair. The Curly Girl Method helps you to “clean” your hair and scalpe and allows your hair to retain all of its natural oils.

The method also encourages the usage of products that will naturally add moisture to them. This will help to get beautiful curls and is an important aspect of the method. In fact, unlike normal hair where the sebum from the scalp can travel along the hair shaft, with curly hair, the coil will prevent the sebum reaching the ends, leaving your hair dry and unprotected. So it’s essential to moisturize the hair fiber as much as possible.


The Zen Garden Solid shampoos and Curly Girl hair Method

The Zen Garden Boutique solid shampoo are all silicone free and sulfate free. In fact, we are using only very soft surfactants (SCI and Decyl Glucoside) and no silicone. They will help you to easily transition to natural shampoo and strip your hair from the chemicals you built up using chemical shampoos. Based on the list of Curly girl hair approved ingredients, our range of solid shampoos are “Curly Girl Approved”. One of the principales of this method is also to use product that are natural and intensively nourrish and moisturise your hair. it encourages the usage of product rich in moisturising ingredients like glycerin. All of our shampoos have been enriched with vegetal glycerin, as well as butters like shea butter, coconut butter, …

Once your hair is free from built up chemicals, and have found their nature, you can then stop using shampoo and only use conditioner as advised by the Curly Girl Hair Method.

The Zen Garden Solid conditioners and Curly Girl hair method

The main product advised and used in the curly girl hair method is the conditioner. Its target: help you to get super hydrated bounce, by nourrishing your hair with respect.

Depending on your type of hair they do advise to condition before and after the wash, sometimes to also leave it in. It’s all detailed in this link “how to follow the Curly Girl Hair Method“.

Not all conditioners are Curly Girl approved. Like for the shampoo, the conditioner must not contain silicone. You also need to avoid drying alcohol and choose a product with moisturising alcohol. The good news is that our conditioners only contain moisturising alcohol (Cetearylic alcohol). . Zen Garden conditioners are also very rich in shea butter and coconut oil, which will help to add an extra surge of moisture.


Although we didn’t formulate our solid cosmetics specifically to suit with curly girl hair method, they are good and ecofriendly options thanks to their natural characteristics.

Sulfate Free Solid Shampoo by Zen Garden

Achieve a greener beauty routine!

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