Make your own base cream

If you want to make a cream that is adapted to your need (for your face care, hair care or body care), you may want to make your own cream. For that, you can buy a base cream to which you add your active ingredients. But you can also do your own home made base cream. Yes, indeed! And it’s super easy! So let me show you that with the right emulsifier and the right dosage, it’s not more complex than any other basic recipe we share on here!

Why you should make your own base cream?

  • Although it’s very convenient to buy a ready to use base cream, it’s always better to do your own as you know exactly what is in it. Indeed, not all base creams are natural (a lot contain chemical ingredients and chemical preservatives, as well as palm oil derivates ingredients). By doing your own, you make sure it contains the best oils and butters (organic, unrefined, natural) and only 100% natural preservatives.
  • Although it’s a base cream that can be used for many purposes, it’s always better if you can personalise it a bit. For example, if you have a sensitive skin and scalp, you will get the best of your base cream by using calendula oil in your oil phase. If you have dry skin and/or dry hair, you should use some shea butter,…
  • As always, doing your own base cream is much more cost effective. For 150ml of cream, you only need around 6g to 8g of emulsifier, 20g to 30g of oil, 50g to 70g of water base (that can be an hydrolate, aloe vera,…) and 3g of preservative. The quantity of emulsifier and water will depend on the texture you would like to have. We will give you some examples recipes of cream base we tested and that we love!


The emulsifier:

There are a lot of different emulsifiers available including stearic alcohol, cetearic alcohol, cetyl alcohol and glyceryl stereate SE. We love glyceryl stereate SE because it’s a self emulsifier which means it does not need another emulsifier to make the job. That makes it really easy to use.
Unlike a lot of other suppliers, our glyceryl stereate is made from coconut, so we are super proud to say that our emulsifier is palm oil free! This will allow you to make a palm free cream.


For a base that can be used by everyone in your house this is a type of base you can make:
20% avocado oil
8% glyceril stereate
69% distilled water
3% leucidal

If you are not sure what oil and water base products to use but you want something more specific, follow our more specific recipes.

The recipe:

  • Melt the Glyceral Stearate SE and your oils and butters into a heat safe bowl and in a double boiler.
  • At the same time, warm up the water phase a little. Ideally, the oil phase and water phase should be the same temperature to help it all blend together.
  • Once both phases are the same temperature, pour the water base into the oil base and mix vigorously until you get a smooth cream. Ideally, use a mixer to get a perfect texture.
  • Now that your base oil is ready, you can add some essential oils ans some active ingredients to personalise it!

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