Zen Garden and Palm Oil

Hello guys,

We have heard a lot about palm oil during the Christmas season, and we hope you did too! That’s thanks to the beautiful video that Iceland have shared for Christmas and it is definitely a really positive progress because so many people were so unaware of the issues around palm oil.

We often receive questions from our lovely customers about our products and if they contain palm oil or not. So I thought it would be good that I share our positioning regarding this.

First of all it is important to know that all our products and ingredients are palm oil free with one exception: our solid conditioner. Like most people that are trying to reduce waste or that want to focus on more ethical products, we are concerned about the impact of palm oil because of the food and cosmetics industries. Let’s be clear: the palm oil itself is not bad. Like all natural oils, its has its benefits. The problem is its production. So everywhere we can avoid any ingredient containing palm oil, we do!

This means that the different emulsifiers we sell for instance are all palm oil free, and all the ingredients we use for our solid shampoos as well are palm oil free. We use glycerin and stearic acid for example and those ingredients are available at a cheaper cost when they are extracted from palm oil. But the good news is that you can also find them palm oil free and even though they are more expensive we use those ones.

The only product we have that contain palm oil is our conditioner. And that is because for 2 ingredients we need to provide you the conditioning effect, we could not find any palm oil free alternatives. If we could avoid it we would, definitely! However –  because we have no choice – we made sure we are using ingredients with sustainable palm oil. So what does this mean exactly? This means that the palm oil used is not coming from those that have destroyed forests and have an horrible impact on our environment. Sustainable palm oil is traced from its source until its transformation to make sure they are made with the most sustainable way. So if you are worried about that, be assured we have selected the most environment friendly option we could find. If you would like to know more about sustainable palm oil, you can find it here.

So now, you must wonder why we are limiting palm oil use if there are some that are sustainable, right? The less palm oil we use, the less demand there is. There will be less pressure to produce more from those factories that are making sustainable palm oil.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a little email. We will be happy to respond to any of your concerns.

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