Have you met Chloe and Filthy Candles?

With the Christmas season comes new trends, new products and also new brands discovery. And one of the things I value a lot during this season is to support local business.

I love supporting local business for many reasons. The first is that I am a “local business” too and not one of those big chains, so if I don’t support local business myself, how can I expect others to support me? But more importantly, I love supporting them because they very often make some original and unique products with love and with a story behind. On top of that, more and more of those entrepreneurs have chosen, like us, to be ethical and by choosing products from companies that want to make the difference, I feel like I participate in this effort.

I was very pleased to interview Chloe, the creator of Filthy Candles, an original brand of soy wax based candles poured in plant pots and vintage tins in Leicester. Let’s discover together her universe, shall we?

Hello Chloe, thanks for giving us the opportunity to discover Filthy Candles. Could you introduce yourself and tell us more about your background?

Chloe: I’m currently working full time as supervisor in retail, and in my spare time I’ve recently found the wonderful hobby of candle making. I hope to contribute my part in saving our oceans by reducing waste, and using non plastic or harmful materials where you can reuse them again and again.



Zen Garden (ZG): What made you decide to craft those beautiful soy based candles

Chloe: I’m a sucker for a cosy night with a candle (my house is full of them!) But I wasn’t aware of the toxins paraffin wax produces, so I decided I wanted to create something beautiful that’s also kind to our environment. And I just enjoy doing it! I love choosing which botanicals look gorgeous together as well as learning about healing properties of gem stones and essential oils which I feel could make these candles a bit more personal to the customer.


ZG: Can you talk more about your concept and what makes it special? 

Chloe: I am working full time, and have a house full of animals to play with but whenever I get the chance I simply stand in my small kitchen for hours crafting the pots and melting soy wax.

I mainly focus on using plant pots to make my candles. They each come with a jar of seeds so that after the candle has melted, you can then reuse the pot to grow something beautiful.
More of my products include transforming old vintage tins into soy wax candles in the hope that you can again reduce the amount of waste and reuse them simply as a trinket or jewellery box, or even to bring to NADA to carry your seeds in! (And buy in bulk!)
All our candles are made with soy wax. Using soy wax candles benefits your home in a number of ways. They burn slowly, giving you a longer-lasting candle. They are safe for the environment as they produce no toxins or pollutants and leave no soot or petroleum waste compared to paraffin wax.
As an absolute animal lover, these candles are cruelty free and vegan friendly as they are made from 100% soybean oil. They are natural, biodegradable, free from pesticides and are not subject to animal testing.


Like I said before, I just really enjoy making them! I can’t believe how well they’re doing at NADA Zero Waste I’m just so pleased that people like  them. I really have to thank Lauren for letting me be a part of her fantastic store, she’s slowly but surely making such a difference to our planet!


ZG: How do you choose the different fragrances, ingredients you use?

Chloe: I want to create something unique and beautiful where customers can add a new addition to their home! I’m learning about different healing properties and benefits in which certain oils and gems are believed to have. But also for types of moods to create within your home for example one of the oils I use most regularly is rose oil, which is said to evoke memories of love and romance.


ZG: What do you think about Zero Waste lifestyle?

Chloe: I love it! I think it’s becoming more and more popular, and I believe blogs like this one are really useful in spreading the word of the good these zero waste stores are doing.
Reducing waste and reusing our jars and bags for example, means fewer plastics are made, as people buy less and as products are made to last.


Those candles with definitely make a great Christmas gift, because they are 100% natural and biodegradable, vegan friendly and Cruelty Free, and they are also just adorable and original! If you are in Leicester, you can discover the Filthy candles in Nada Zero Waste, alongside our range of solid shampoos and solid conditioners. Otherwise, you can see a part of their collection on ETSY. 🙂

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