Rosehip butter

Make your rose hip butter, 100% natural, without hydrogenated butter in less than 10min.

Rosehip oil is an essential ingredient for anyone looking for solutions against stretch marks and scars, but also to fight against wrinkles. However, it is expensive and difficult to apply alone. In the form of butter, it will be easier to apply.

Thanks to this very simple cosmetic recipe, you will make your rosehip butter.

Benefits of this Rosehip butter:

Rosehip oil is the key cosmetic ingredient for all anti-wrinkle and anti-stretch mark cosmetics.

Thanks to its content of retinol, vitamin A and carotenoids, Rosehip oil is a healing oil of excellence. It is this particular property of rose hip oil that will help make stretch marks disappear and help slow down brown spots, wrinkles, and the harmful action of the sun on the skin!
Its polyunsaturated fatty acids allow this care to soften and regenerate tissues.
Its vitamins E make it antioxidant
The vitamin K it contains would also stimulate coagulation. It is therefore recommended to treat redness, rosacea and other skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema.
Although mango butter is used here as the texture agent for your rose hip butter, its strengths for your skin are also numerous:

Discover the benefits in more detail of these two cosmetic ingredients on the product page:

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  • Mango butter in bulk
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Preparation Time: 10min


Number of ingredients used: 2


Requires heating of ingredients (bain-marie)


Suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mums


100% natural 100% vegan

Cosmetic Ingredients to Make Your Rosehip Butter:

For 85g of rose hip butter, you will need:

Material needed to make your home cosmetics:

A bowl that goes to a bain-marie
A glass jar to store your rose hip butter. To protect your musky rose butter from the light, adopt our cosmetic container in amber glass.

Stages of realization:

Melt your mango butter in the bowl, in a bain-marie.
Once the mango butter melts, add your rose hip oil and stir with a whisk or fork to homogenize the mixture.
Pour your mixture into your glass jar and let cool to see that the butter is hardening.
There you go! A cosmetic recipe easy as hello with only two cosmetic ingredients!

How to use your rosehip butter.


To make your butter Rosehip more effective, consider exfoliate your skin beforehand with a scrub

What we think about this Rosehip butter

The most of this cosmetic recipe:

The first big plus of this recipe is of course its simplicity. You can beat the butter in whipped cream once the rosehip butter starts to harden. But even without, the butter obtained is very easy and pleasant to apply. I personally find the stage of the whip useless.

Rosehip oil is a rather expensive oil compared to other vegetable oils. By making this butter, you can more easily spread the care and enjoy the benefits of rose hip.

The least of this cosmetic recipe:

Due to the texture of the mango butter used in this formulation, the care obtained can leave for a few seconds a light white film on the skin. If you are looking for a butter that penetrates faster your skin, we advise you to replace the mango butter because another butter, such as sweet almond butter, avocado butter or shea butter.

Si vous aussi vous avez testé cette méthode pour réaliser votre eau de rose n’hésitez pas à partager votre avis.

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