Stretch marks body care with Rosehip oil and butters – 100% Naturel, 100% vegan

Recommendations: irritated skin, prone to stretch marks, pregnant women, postpartum – Ingredients: Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Butter, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Crude Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil.

Being familiar with the products during and after pregnancy, I tried a lot of products to prevent them, then many other products to make them less visible. I had a hard time finding a satisfying product, besides having issues with the smell and texture of some of them. This time for my second pregnancy, I decided to test the recipes of 100% natural cosmetics and 100% vegan and I’m super excited to share with you this stretch marks body care recipe.

I had of course tried the sweet almond oil alone, but I must admit that it didn’t stop stretch marks during my first pregnancy and  I prefer a rather creamy product or a mask that is easier to apply without dripping. So let’s discover this stretch marks body care recipe inspired from several other cosmetic recipes. All the ingredients were selected because they are known to work amazingly well against stretch marks and can complete each other.


Beyond their known virtues, the two butters and the organic coconut oil will bring to this body care the desired creamy texture. The sweet almond in particular is very very slightly granular. It gives the care a slight effect of exfoliation during its application.

Avocado oil and Rosehip oil are highly recommended against stretch marks because they are repairing and regenerating. In their pure state, they comprise the maximum of active effect sought.


  • Shea butter is a little harder and grainy than sweet almond butter and coconut oil. We will start by pressing it in a bowl with a fork (previously sterilized) to soften it.
  • We will then add the avocado oil and mix the duo with avocado oil and shea.
  • The same goes for coconut oil and sweet almond butter. They will bring the substance to the texture of the preparation.
  • When a homogeneous butter is obtained, the rose hip oil is poured into the bowl and then mixed with the fork.
    If you apply this treatment on a daily basis, you will be surprised to use the whole pot very quickly. So, unless you need to keep your care for more than a month, it is not necessary to add a preservative . Otherwise, add 10 drops of vitamin E.

My opinion on this recipe:

Another recipe easy to make, with only tools a bowl and a fork. I must admit that I like cold recipes, without bateur, or mixer and rendering is extra. The content of this treatment is simply excellent!

The resulting solution is very creamy, and applied on the skin, we feel the slight granular texture of sweet almond butter, which gives a slight effect of scrub.

The virtues of the ingredients are no longer heard to discuss. It makes the skin soft and hydrates daily application. I could see that the stretch marks have stabilized. I will put a comment to give you my opinion in the longer term as to its ability to reduce their visibility 🙂

Note anyway that we must love the scent of shea butter to enjoy this cream. Indeed, although it is not a dominant ingredient, its fragrance remains present.

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