DIY Skin Beauty Repair Cream, 100% natural

Industrial cosmetics are more and more pointed at because of the presence of dubious and potentially dangerous components for our health, homemade cosmetics are more and more popular. But we do not all have the same patience and passion for cosmetic preparations. Let’s be honnest: between the daily grind, the children to occupy and work, we do not always have time to prepare our creams, scrubs etc …

That’s why today, I decided to test for you this 100% natural moisturizing and repairing recipe. Unlike multiple recipes that can be found online, this one does not require a heating process at any time. On the other hand, it does not require any electrical equipment (drummer, whip, …). You’ll just need a jar to hold your cream and a bowl and spoon to make the mixture, all previously sterilized.

The benefits of this product

Avocado butter and sweet almond butter have a major advantage: they have a very velvety texture that makes their cold handling very simple and their application on the body very pleasant. It is this specificity that gives this recipe a creamy texture. On the other hand, these two oils complement each other very well since avocado butter is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids while sweet almond butter is rich in saturated fatty acids.

Rosehip oil, which is needed in small quantities, is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is known for its strong healing power, and is used among others to prevent or reduce stretch marks. This oil is rather viscous and helps maintain the creamy texture of butters.

These three ingredients together cover your skin’s need for fatty acids.

Atouts de cette recette

duree 2

Preperation time: 5min


Number of ingredients used: 3

recette à froid

No heating involved


Suitable for pregnant women


100% natural 100% vegan

€€ Cost (for around 50g of solution):

Total Cost: 3,89€

Ingredients and material required:

The quantities here in percentage so you can define them according to the final quantity that you want to obtain.

Step by step process:

This is the beauty of this recipe: one single step to achieve your moisturizing care: mix the two butters in a small bowl with the teaspoon until a homogeneous mixture.

Notre avis sur cette recette


Although it has no aqueous phase, the solution obtained with this creamy recipe that we would almost want to call it moisturizer. Easy to make it is just as easy to spread on the body.


As it is composed of 100% fatty phase it penetrates slower than a moisturizer and can leave a slightly oily layer on the skin if a thick layer is applied to the body. What I precluse is to apply a thin layer in the morning, and apply a thicker layer at night.

Personally I love this recipe for its simplicity and cost, with a really great rendering.

Personalize this recipe according to your needs. You can put more avocado butter and less almond butter or vice versa. You can also replace rose hip oil with another oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. To find out more about butters, oils and the fatty acids that compose them do not hesitate to read our article “Which oil and butter to choose”?

Moisturizing treatment with avocado butter, sweet almond butter and rose hip oil

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