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Did you know that because of the lack of infrastructure and resources, children in the Malagasy public education system do not have access to education before the age of 6? But then what do these children do until they can go to school? The younger ones often spend their days on the backs of their sisters or their parents. From a certain age, they will start working in the fields or just wander here and there. So many years lost when these children are the future of the country, and knowing that it is during this period of their lives that they learn the most.

In Europe, our children have the opportunity to educative activities from an early age. One of these activities: coloring.

The Benefits of Coloring

The coloring is excellent for several reasons.
Educational side:

  • Coloring helps increase the child’s creativity and self-esteem.
  • It allows the psychomotor development on the levels of spatial organization and fine motor skills therefore pre-writing;
  • It can help learn color and color mixes
  • It can also allow the child to experiment with colors and thus develop the scientific spirit;
  • It can also be used to convey knowledge and make children aware of subjects in a playful way.

Mental side:

  • The coloring can allow to express its emotions and to put in color its imaginary;
  • Beyond its obvious aspects in terms of learning, coloring can also help to create links between adults and children.

You will understand: coloring is a beneficial activity for the development of our children. But guess what: today – in the 21st century – millions of children in the third world have never had the simple pleasure of doing coloring. A very sad reality when we think of all the benefits of this activity.

The project concretely:

As you know, Zen Garden Cosmetics wishes to organise projects to help in the sustainable development of Madagascar, and the education of the youngest is an essential step for us. The “Coloring For All” project is a great way to start our series of initiatives, since it does not require much material or structure, but can make children and parents aware of environmental protection in a playful way and give access to these children to activities that seem so rudimentary for us but that they never had the opportunity to have.
The goal of this first project is to distribute to the youngest children a coloring book on the theme of safeguarding the environment, Malagasy fauna and flora, as well as colored pencils. On the other hand, this distribution will be an opportunity for us to make parents (often poor and uneducated) aware of the importance of, on the one hand, stimulating the youngest children to participate in educational activities and, on the other hand, the environment.


To carry out this project, we carry out a collection of colored pencils in France and in England. Most of our children are lucky enough to have new colored pencils on each school year, abandoning the pencils of previous years in the cupboards. Let us make them useful.

For the coloring book, we want to create simple but educational drawings to teach the younger children the importance of focusing on the environment and protecting it. Also, we are looking for graphic designers and designers who would be interested to draw a few pages of this coloring book. Each coloring book will be about 20 pages long and will be printed in Madagascar on recycled A4 paper.

The logistics of all the material from England to Madagascar will be done by Zen Garden Cosmetics. The distribution will be done with the help of Discover Madagascar, which kindly offers us the rental of cars during the distribution campaign whose journey is to be defined.

Beyond the collection of pencils and the realization of the coloring book, we are looking for additional funding to finance the printing of coloring booklets. If the budget allows, we will also buy other educational materials for children from 1 year to 6 years old.
A candle = a donation: for each candle sold by December 15, we also pledge to pay £ 1 to participate in the purchase of additional crayons and financial printing.

The calendar:

I will show you in our next article the details of the schedule of our project. But if already the project interests you and you want to help us in the implementation of this project, do not hesitate to contact us:

You can also contact us on our Facebook page here if you find it easier than email to exchange: 

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  1. Hi
    I Love to help. I am an Artist.
    I could do a drawing for your coloring book or donate some coloring pencils?
    What kind of drawing or illustration you want for the childrens coloring book?
    Kind regards

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