“Enjoy the Magic of Nature”

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A cosmetic Zero Waste corner

A grimoire of easy to make vegan cosmetics recipes

Our Vegan Friendly Solid Shampoo bars are now available!

Very rich in active ingredients: they are mainly composed of clays, natural powders,  vegetable oils, hydrolates and essential oils.

Sulphate Free / Paraben Free / Synthetic parfum Free

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Discover why you should move to solid shampoo bars

Why you should move to solid shampoo


Enjoy what Nature has for you…

From the very first day, Nature has worked hard to provide us everything we need to feel good! So why not explore it?

Good for my body: Good for my mind!

Our vision: offer you the magic of nature with a range of 100% natural and 100% vegan products, tailored to your needs.

Looking for a natural moisturizer right for your skin? Why not create your personalized cosmetic candle with us? Pick the ingredients that will fit the best to your skins current needs, then we do the rest!

Tempted by creating your own cosmetics at home? Browse in our natural ingredients gallery, available in bulk so you order only the quantity you need!

Getting the Zen Attitude is also about being in a relaxing environment…

Check our selection of scented melts and choose the scents right for your current mood 🙂

Oh! And don’t feel guilty to use them because they contain no paraffin! our wax is 100% natural, 100% vegan, 100% recyclable and will last longer!

… And take care of it!

Would it be right to enjoy all the benefits of our beautiful Nature without caring for it?

Every little action can make the difference!

Being more responsible with natural resources and caring for the local populations where our ingredients are made is part of our DNA.

We have opted for Zero Waste packaging. As an example: we only sell glass containers for your homemade cosmetics.  We have also designed few products that help you to go zero waste, such as our sulfate free and vegan solid shampoo range! All those actions are a way for you and us to reduce plastic consumption and that really matter for us.

And because this is still not good enough, we decided to use our voice to realize ethical projects and help local populations to have a better life!

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